Sales Letters Act as Your Sales Team

Company:  Maker of surveillance systems for school buses

Problem:  To encourage current customers to upgrade to a newer model

Solution:  A direct sales letter that announced the benefits of the latest technology

Experience the Power of the Nitro 900l:  Don’t Wait to Protect the Children in Your Care

Maintaining order on a school bus is a big responsibility.  Letting drivers do their jobs without distraction is essential to safety.  To accomplish both jobs, you need the help of the Nitro 900 digital video recorder from Gatekeeper Systems.  This advanced bus surveillance tool gives you the protection parents demand and kids deserve.  Act now to get a powerful system at exceptional savings.

Upgrading your current VHS system to digital gives you many advantages:

  • Displays incredibly clear images, even in the dark and in hot and cold weather
  • Constantly records audio and video—no missing dialogue or images
  • Easily downloads to a small, removable regular or solid-state hard drive
  • Permits easy recording, storing, and e-mailing of data by computer

Upgrading your current digital system gives you enhanced features.

  • Downloads faster to a hard drive that’s small enough to fit in a pocket
  • Permits simultaneous viewing and tracking at full-frame rates
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive docking station
  • Records more images for up to 185 hours

The new, tougher Nitro 900 is the reliable choice in school bus surveillance.  Tested for over two years, it’s even being used by the US Air Force.

Act Now to Save 30%

A child’s education depends on starting each day with a clear mind free of bullying and harassment.  With school starting in September, no child can wait.

Register with Gatekeeper Systems within two weeks of receiving this letter to get the guaranteed special price of $997.00 for the Nitro 900—a full 30% off the regular price.  Plus, you get guaranteed delivery of this amazing DVR for the start of school in September.

Call 1-888-666-4833.  Offer ends July 31st.

Gatekeeper Systems, protecting your most precious cargo.