Broadcast Gets You to Your Market on the Go

Company:  A local dairy

Problem:  Convincing people to choose local products over national brands

Solution:  An institutional ad that appeals to local pride and that encourages local shopping

Because Your Advertising Can Make a Difference

ANCR1:  The economy:  It’s something that seems hard for governments to straighten out.  But you can make a difference in the economy right here in Ottawa.  When you shop,reach for Kesler dairy products.  Kesler Dairies is locally owned and operated,offering employment in our city.  When your neighbours work, we all prosper.  If you don’t see Kesler products at your store, ask for it.

ANCR2:  Find Kesler quality dairy products at Loblaws, Sobeys, and Metro stores.

ANCR1:  Kesler Dairies can make a difference.  So can you.

Company:  Automotive repair shop

Problem:  To add value to the time when a customer is waiting on hold on the telephone

Solution:  A message filled with the benefits of regular car repair

Telephone On-hold Messages 

10 sec music

Don’t postpone brake work.  Get it done at Dominion Auto.  We’ll not only repair the brakes, but we can also align the wheels and refine the steering system.  Please continue to hold.

10 sec music

Do you have to get your car serviced at the dealership where you bought it?  The answer is no.  Bring it to Dominion Auto for the personal service you want and the warranty protection you need.  We have highly trained and certified technicians.  We have the latest diagnostic and repair equipment.  We have expertise in all makes of vehicles.  From an oil and filter change to a wheel alignment, we can do it all right here.

10 sec music

Most likely, you’re looking for ways to increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the gas emissions of your car.  One easy way to do both is to bring it here to the certified technicians at Dominion Auto.  We perform service such as replace your worn air filter, give your car a tune-up, and do an oil and filter change.  By keeping your exhaust system in peak condition, we also control emissions and increase efficiency.  In the end, service like that pays off in a better running car.

10 sec music

We make car service easy.  Ask about our shuttle and drop-box services.  In a moment, we’ll be back on the line to get you on your way fast.  Thanks for holding.

Company:  Discount department store

Problem:  To entice shoppers in the store to check specific bargains

Solution:  In-store announcements that attract attention while people are actually shopping

In-Store Announcements

V1:  When it’s gotta be value, it’s gotta be Emm-Tee!  That’s why you stopped at Emm-Tee Discount.  Just look around.  From house wares to home décor, from electronics to clothing in our Emm-Tee Boutique, the savings are everywhere!

V2:  Providing everything your family needs doesn’t have to be expensive.  Shop here every season for family fashions, household goods, and health and beauty items.

V1:  Before you head to the check-out, pick up dinner fixings from our grocery and produce sections.  Emm-Tee always saves you money on food and so much more.