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MicrobesSave Up to $1000 by Writing Your Own Web Content

The Good, the Bad, and the What-Were-You-Thinking-Of

Maybe you wrote your Web content yourself and wonder whether you did an effective job?  Maybe you hired someone to write the content and don’t know if you got your money’s worth?  If you want strong Web content that sells your product or service, then you want to make sure the text is properly structured to do just that.  You’re ready for a rewrite.

Save Your Money

Now what?  Hire a writer who could charge up to $1000?  Instead, save that money and do it yourself.  With my complete analysis of your website and an instructional e-book for just $100, you gain the tools you need to write your own Web content.

The Analysis:  Defining the Problem

First, we talk.  I need to know your story and your passion.  No cookie cutters here.  Then I give you an overview of your site with comments on common problems throughout, such as the lack of a USP or the use of too much jargon.  Then I review each page from Home to Contact.  Finally, I give you a summary of how you should proceed.

The E-Book:  Solving the Problem

In addition, I give an e-book that tells you how to design the content of your site.  Entitled Beyond the Bells and Whistles:  Web Content That Sells, my e-book is filled with advice and tips.  In a very readable way, the book gets you organized and gets you going on writing the text for your own website.  Take a look at what’s included:

• Concepts You Need to Know

• Before You Put Anything on Paper

• Organizing the Content

• The Sections of Your Website from Home to Contact

• The Extras That Make Your Site Better

Ready, Set, Change for More Conversions

To order your analysis and e-book, please contact me through the form below.  Or you can order the e-book separately through my website at  And if you don’t feel ready to effectively write your own Web content, I’d be glad to do it for you.  To get started, contact me.