Put Advertising Copywriting on Your Sales Team

Advertisers are faced with a world of advertising and marketing options.  Each choice involves words.  Saying It So It Sells is where I come in.   Here are some of the choices of advertising that I can help you with.  Contact me at in Ottawa.  Content really is king.

Advertising for the Web

If you have a website that begins with “We’ve been in business since…,” then you need the Six Second Solution to move your site visitor to your call to action.   Make the most of this powerful tool with strong content built around strong advertising principles.

Blogs:  Making You an Authority

Experts, experts, read all about it!  Writing an article sets you up as an authority on your product or service.  Articles and blogs give you credibility and instill trust in your ability to deliver knowledge or solutions.  If you’re passionate about your work, let me tap into your expertise and construct an article that establishes you as someone from whom people will want to buy.

Web Analysis:  Learning What Your Website Can Do Better

Put your website on the couch for analysis.  I’m not Sigmund Freud, but I can give you objective opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of your website.  Does your site do a good selling job?  Is your site effectively organized and edited for grammar, punctuation, and style?  I can give you lots of cause for thought.

E-mail Advertising:  Taking the Power of Direct Mail to the Inbox

Spam belongs in a can, not in someone’s Inbox.  If you have a qualified e-mail list of customers who have consented to contact from you, then sending an e-mail announcement or promotional information can be welcome.  Promise a benefit and keep the message short and sweet.  Sales will follow.

Advertising for Promotion

Brochures:  Sending Your Sales Message Everywhere Your Customers Are

Everything in one hand!  Brochures let you describe the benefits of a product or service in one short written piece.  Consider a brochure as a salesperson whom you can put into your customer’s pocket.  Getting close to your prospect’s heart moves that prospect closer to your cash register.

Product Descriptions:  Taking People from Wanting It to Needing It

Show and tell grown-up style.  Whether it’s one sell line, an 80-word blurb, or a full page explanation, a product description is useful in all kinds of advertising messages.  If you’re got the right product or service, flaunt it!  Knowledge is power that leas to purchases.

If your company’s product is you, then you need a personal profile.  I’m a big believer in using the first person.  Want to see the difference it makes?  View the personal profiles in the Samples of Scripts section of this website.  Warm and friendly leads to trust, and people only deal with people whom they trust.

Sales Letters:  Pitching Your Product in the Living Rooms of the Nation

“Dear John, Please buy my product.”  Letter writing isn’t a lost art.  It’s highly developed in the sales letter.  And everyone likes to get mail . . . when it promises a benefit or gives information that’s going to have real value.

Print:  Telling Your Story to People Who Are Primed to Read It

Because it is such a dominant medium for advertising with a rich history, print advertising remains central to any campaign.  In all its forms, print advertising remains effective, even in our electronic age.

Advertising for Live Delivery

In-store Announcements:  Turning Your Air into Airwaves

Attention, K-Mart shoppers!  If you own a store, consider using in-store announcements.  They speak to your customers when they’re in their peak buying moods.  When you don’t have staff in the aisles, you can have sales messages in the airwaves.  Need help installing the equipment?  I have the contacts to help you do it.

Radio Commercials:  Creating Images That Sell on the Go

Who killed the radio man?  No one!  Radio lives in cars and offices across the land.  Radio is a personal, one-on-one way to talk to customers when they’re on the go or stuck in one place.  If you have something that’s happening now, let radio tell everyone about it.

Telephone On-hold Messages:  Transforming Down Time to Selling Time

Livening up dead air is the theory behind telephone on-hold messages.  No one likes being put on hold, so make the experience pleasurable for your customers and profitable for you.  If you have a telephone, consider its sales potential.