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Advertising Copywriting Really Does Work!

Meet some of my clients.  They’ve benefited from  messages and Web content that are written to good advertising and editing principles.

How strong is the content on your website?  If you’re not sure, ask me for an analysis at


Enhansoft, Canada
Vis-a-Vis Events, Canada (
Under A Grand Marketing, Canada  (See
Cain and Dang Associates, Canada (
Home Fitness for Real People, Canada (See
Feya Soft Incorporated, Canada
Image One, United States
Tawasol Solutions, United Arab Emirates
The Movie Clips Factory, New Zealand
Fidelity Business Services, United States
Debt Recoveries Australia, Australia
On Hold Systems, United States
GMAT Prep Now, Canada
Lujo Outdoor Living, New Zealand
Talent Intercloud, United States
Copia Communications, United States
Punch Stick Advertising, United States
Wealth Acceleration Financial, Canada
Deborah MacDonald Consulting, Canada

Thought you might like to know [that] of the e-mails we’ve implemented so far, we’ve sent 200 e-mails out of each type (old and new, we’re currently A/B testing them) and your copy has a conversion rate of 5%.  Our old e-mails sat at 3.5%.  Really looking forward to getting the rest of them running.

–Will,, London, United Kingdom

Fred really took ownership of this project.  Not only did he complete the project as specified, he also makes good and useful recommendations along the way.  Definitely recommended.

Talent Intercloud, Berkeley, United States


[My contact] is living here [in London] now, and he also went to Oxford University here in the UK; this guy knows his stuff. . . .  I had a meeting with him last week, and . . . . I also told him about you and all the help and advice you have given.  You know, you were so right; I now feel that with all the advice and guidance you have given, along with [my contact] on board, we can really push and drive this forward and hopefully it will, over the coming months, reach its full potential.

Book Vegas, London, United Kingdom)

Fred did a fantastic job and finished well ahead of schedule with a superior product.  High fives across the board to this man!  I will be using him again soon.

Image One, Carlsbad, United States

As always, Fred’s experience is priceless.  He has created two great marketing e-mails that I’m sure will go a long way in generating business!  Many thanks!

–Black Dice Travel, London, United Kingdom

If you need any type of Web content done, Fred is your man!  His knowledge and experience is priceless and his 20 something years working within the marketing industry makes all the difference.  Don’t think twice when you need any content or advice!

–Black Dice Travel, London, United Kingdom

Thank you for a thorough, professional, and detailed approach to the website content.  The results exceeding the request!  The blogs written were EXACTLY what I wanted and am very happy with the communication.

–Gold Coast Small Business, Blundell, Australia

Thank you for sharing your talents and being such an important part of our many successes at Chintz.

Chintz and Company, Vancouver, Canada

I will most certainly not forget the kindness and co-operation you extended to me and to Plus Computer Solutions.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to our associates.

Computer Solutions, Vancouver, Canada

Fred was an absolute pleasure to work with, going beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions, far exceeding my expectations.  He researched the topic well and his passion for writing shone through in his work.  He has also offered to take another look at the work once it is online.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced and professional copywriter.

Lujo, Auckland, New Zealand

I just wanted to thank you for making our advertising such a priority for you.  I appreciate your attention to detail and your creativity.

Vancouver Canadians, Vancouver, Canada

I appreciate your feedback and also allowing us to give feedback.  I think we got great value for money, and we have ended up with some great content.  I will keep you in mind for some other work as it comes up.

Debt Recoveries Australia, Sydney, Australia

WOW!  My first experience on, and it went like a hot knife through fresh butter.  Fred, my service provider, did a fantastic job and finished well ahead of schedule with a superior product.  Fives across the board to this man!  I will be using him again soon.

Image One, Carlsbad, United States

The e-mail shot went out with Executive P.A. magazine yesterday.  By mid-day, we had 22 replies.  By 6:00 p.m., we had over 61 replies.  I could not believe it.  I’ve gone through the list, and they are all solid P.A.’s who all book corporate travel, and some are with major organisations.  Since last night and this morning, we have received another four replies.  That e-mail shot of yours was amazing.

Black Dice Travel, London, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure to see the level of engagement that Fred had in my project.  He did extensive research and was generous in ideas and advice.  Fred provided several iterations, paying careful attention to my comments and taking my ideas a step further.  Fred is a copywriter, a business advisor, and a passionate team member!

–The Movie Clips Factory, Auckland, New Zealand