Web Content That Sells

Yes, your seminar was very helpful to me. I was constantly rewritting and editing the content of my future website since then. Now it sounds more like me and reflects personality of my future business in the best way possible. Your seminar allowed me to see how much I was missing before.

—Alexandre Bobkov, bookkeeper, Ottawa, Canada

Company:  Maker of bean bag furniture

Problem:  The need to convince people that paying more for quality bean bag furniture is worth the price

Solution:  Copy that points out the benefits of Lujo’s quality products over the cheaper competition

Love Easy Living More Than Ever . . . With Stylish Hammocks and Bean Bags from Luxury Leisure 

Relaxing with a good book under a leafy tree.  Lazing by the pool to steal a few zzzzzs.  Sinking into a comfy bean bag to enjoy a favourite drink.  Those are some of the finest things enjoyed in a life well lived and a pleasure well earned.  Luxury Leisure makes them even better with outstanding easy-living furniture for the style-conscious consumer.

Today’s lifestyles are about choosing quality, comfort, and craftsmanship in products for better family living.  Luxury Leisure takes that desire and turns it into a commitment.  Using ingenuity, creativity, exceptional design, and uncompromised materials, Luxury Leisure produces three lines:

  • Hammocks
  • Outdoor bean bag chairs, loungers, and ottomans
  • Indoor bean bag chairs, loungers, and ottomans

Each of our creations is backed by European quality standards, know-how, and innovation. You can order them easily from this site, and we’ll ship your purchase to anywhere in the world.  Why wait another weekend?

Time Out Takes on a New Level of Style and Comfort

Our customers use many adjectives to describe our hammocks and bean bags:  stylish, stunning, brilliant, versatile, flexible, practical, even sensuous.  But most of all, they tell us how comfortable they are.  So how do we craft our products into works of comfort?

  • By clever design that forces the beans to shift upwards when you sit down
  • By using quality materials that stand up to repeated use
  • By using an identically shaped liner—no bunching or shifting!
  • By using strong piping that stands up to wear and tear—no splitting like other, cheaper bean bags

A Quality Purchase Takes on a New Level of Endurance

Our customers also tell us about how their Luxury Leisure hammocks and bean bags last beautifully year after year—unlike their previous purchases that required frequent replacement.  So how does Luxury Leisure make them last?

  • We use high-performance materials, such as kwila for our hammock frames, Sunbrella fabrics (link to Sunbrella) for our outdoor products, and Warwick fabrics for our indoor products.
  • We design our hammocks with fittings and components designed for years of outdoor use.
  • We constantly monitor and control the construction process to ensure a consistently superior product.

The results are elegant pieces of easy-living furniture that withstands exposure to the elements and to your active family.

Life Is Too Short to Do Without Luxury Leisure

Our wonderful Luxury Leisure hammocks and bean bags are not available in stores.  You can only buy them directly through this website.  But don’t worry:  We make purchasing easy and ship quickly.  After all, you don’t want to spend any more of it without Luxury Leisure furniture.

Life is short . . . Live.  Lounge.  Luxury Leisure.