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The Right Advertising Copywriting

About Wordtech Communications and my Say It So It Sells principles are really about me.  Not even the “royal we.”  I’m it, working as a freelance advertising Web copywriter, editor, and copy consultant from my home in Ottawa.  While I enjoy offering my copywriting services to clients face to face, I have worked effectively online for many clients around the world.  If you need words to turn your ideas into action, contact me at impact@sayitsoitsells.com.

My craft is to apply the best principles of advertising copywriting and editing to advertising messages.  Now let’s see what you have to gain.

Six Seconds to Advertising Copywriting That Works Hard

In any advertising message, you have the first six seconds of copy to get your customer’s attention.  If you fail to get attention in that time, your ad risks dying before it ends in a contact or sale.

Telling your customers about your products and services requires copywriting that isn’t just words on a screen but emotions that reach into minds and souls.

Here’s How You Can Get the Six Second Solution for Your Advertising

As a website content copywriter, I can give you a message that not only adheres to strong advertising principles, but I can also give you a message that adheres to strong editing principles.

Since 1982, I’ve been writing and editing advertising copy.  I write to the AIDA formula:

  • Attention:  “I’m interested.  What’s in it for me?”
  • Interest:  “I’ve got to know more.”
  • Desire:  “I have to have this.”
  • Action:  “How can I get this?”

My Background As an Advertising Copywriter Becomes Your Expertise

Words Make Ideas Take Flight

Words Make Ideas Take Flight

I specialize in writing Web content.  Most of my career has been in the broadcasting and Internet media.  I also write related advertising materials:  press releases, sales letters, brochures, company profiles, and other types of advertising messages.

I have a university degree in political science from Carleton University in Ottawa, a business diploma in human resources management from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, and a certificate in editing from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.  I have taken additional courses in public relations, in advertising, and in teaching English as a second language.  I have written literally thousands of advertising messages.  I can write yours too.