E-book Saves Your Thousands

Beyond the Bells and Whistles:   Web Content That Sells

Maybe you’ve got a new website, and you’re now staring at a screen filled with lorem ipsum characters. Or maybe your current website needs new content. This e-book gives you solid ideas on how to organize and write your message so it delivers the results you want. No techy stuff here! Instead, you get ideas on how good, old-fashioned writing and advertising principles work hard to make your message work hard.

Amateurs don’t know the rules; geniuses break them. This e-book is designed to place you in the educated middle.

After you read this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to write your Web content, saving you hundreds of dollars in writing fees. 

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Plan of This Book

This book has five sections:

• Concepts You Need to Know: These are things that apply to just about any website.

• Before You Put Anything on Paper: Do these things first, and the rest is easy.

• Organizing the Content: Get organized, and the content will write itself.

• The Sections of Your Website: From Home to Contact, you’ll get ideas that help you say what you want—and need—to say.

• The Extras:  Round it off; make it better.

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