Rates and Rights

Copywriting by Quality, Not by the Clock

No one likes to deal with money and contract issues.  So let’s put them on the table and get them out of the way.

For my writing and editing services, I charge by the project, not by the hour.  Tell me what you need—I’ll even visit you in person at your place of business.  Talk to me about your expectations and your budget.  Together, we’ll agree on a price that works for you and that’s also fair to me.

Fees for Advertising Copywriting

As a guideline, I charge CAD$0.25 a word:  a 400-word text (the typical maximum for one full  website page) will cost $100.00.  My fee includes researching, writing, revising, and editing.

My editing service extends to editing for substance, organization, and style; I copyedit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. Because very few writers are also editors, my combined services save you the cost of sending your text to a professional editor who could charge up to $70 an your.  If you just need editing of a text that you’ve written, then contact me for a quote at impact@sayitsoitsells.com.

To the best of my ability, I proofread the text, but you must accept that I can not with complete accuracy proofread my own written materials.  Ultimately, you must take final responsibility for a final proofread, and that is the industry standard.

As with everything in life, my fees are negotiable.


And yes, I add HST or GST for all orders from customers resident in Canada.  The rate is based on the jurisdiction where you live.  My business number is 89790-3845-RT0001.  Canadian value added taxes do not apply to projects done for clients domiciled outside Canada.


I will bill you for the project after it’s completed.  I do not take advances.  I believe in verbal agreements.  And yes, we’ll shake on it.  That puts the pressure on you to be honest and to pay me when I deliver the final product.  I expect you to be as honest as I am.  And yes, in the past, I have had clients who have not paid me for completed work.

Termination of a Project 

I write until you’re happy.  Drafts and revisions are part of the copywriting process.  However, if it reaches a point where there’s an underlying difficulty that can’t be resolved, either you or I can terminate the project.

If you cancel, you pay me half the originally agreed-upon total.  In the writing business, it’s called a kill fee.  If I cancel, you pay nothing.  In both cases, you get to keep whatever work has been completed up to that point.


I’m for hire.  You own the copyright for all the material that I produce.

To learn more about my services, contact me at impact@sayitsoitsells.com or call me at 613-722-0129.