How It Works

 Process of Writing Web Content:   Advertising Copywriting Made Easy

The Initial Meeting

I meet with you at your place of business or at any other convenient location. We’ll review your business, goals, and background. One aim of the meeting is to establish whether a working relationship will last through the duration of the project.

We’ll also discuss what’s needed in the way of Web content. Ideally, you’ll be able to give or send me any helpful information.

We’ll also discuss your budget, timeline, and expectations.  To get started, contact me at   Let’s get started. 

Initial Outline

Based on the information received and assuming that we agree to proceed, I’ll draw up an outline that covers the sections of the website. As much as possible, I’ll expand the outline to give as complete a picture as possible of the site’s content and length. For each section of the outline, I’ll estimate a word count.

Follow-up Meeting

I’ll meet with you a second time to review the outline. As necessary, I’ll make adjustments. We’ll also agree on a final cost for the project. (See below for Cost of Writing and Cost of Editing.)

At this point, you and I will also agree on a deadline for the delivery of a first draft. I can almost always return a first draft within a week. I will also suggest a final delivery date of the finished text.

First Draft

I then write the first draft. Usually, I send it to you and then arrange for a meeting to review the text in person. Armed with requested or necessary revisions and suggested changes to the organization of the text, I’ll write a second draft.

Second Draft

Once I have completed a second draft, I’ll send it to you for review and comments.  A second meeting may be necessary, or changes may be completed through telephone or e-mail contact.

I repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the final text.