Seminar and E-book

Save Hundreds Of Dollars by Writing Your Own Web Content

Maybe you’ve got a new website, and you’re now staring at a screen filled with lorem ipsum characters. Or maybe your current website needs new content. This two-hour presentation gives you solid ideas on how to organize and write your message so it delivers the results you want.

No techy stuff here! Instead, you get ideas on how good, old-fashioned writing and advertising principles can work hard to make your message work hard.  Learn how you too can Say It So It Sells.

The seminar is fun and inspirational.   I guarantee that you’ll leave the class with your head spinning with ideas on how to get organized to tackle your Web content.  If you can’t make the seminar, then do the next best thing:  Buy my e-book through the E-book page of this section of my site.

Fred, thank you for a useful and inspiring presentation on Wednesday; it was all I could expect and more!

—Tim Moore, industrial designer, Ottawa, Canada

Beyond the Bells and Whistles:  Web Content That Sells

Date:  Check the calendar at or give me a call.

Location:   Invest Ottawa

80 Aberdeen Street


Cost:         Free

If you can’t attend my seminar, then learn how to write the content for your own website.  Read my e-book Beyond the Bells and Whistles:  Web Content That Sells.