E-Mail Success Story

This client operated a photo sharing site for professional photographers and other serious photographers. He had hired a student to write a set of e-mail messages, each one requiring a response to do things such as renew a membership, upgrade an account, or replace a rejected payment. He had asked me to review the messages, which I found were not compelling. At twice the student’s rate, he paid me to rewrite them all. Then he ran both. Here are his results:

Thought you might like to know [that] of the e-mails we’ve implemented so far, we’ve sent 200 e-mails out of each type (old and new, we’re currently A/B testing them) and your copy has a conversion rate of 5%. Our old e-mails sat at 3.5%. Really looking forward to getting the rest of them running.

—Will, www.photoswarm.com, London, United Kingdom