Say It So It Sells

 Profit from the Power of Strong Advertising  Copy

Words Make Ideas Take Flight

“Welcome to Our Website” doesn’t cut it.  You need to Say It So It Sells.  Don’t commit the most common mistake on the Internet:  Copy that’s so generic that it applies to all your competitors.

With strong writing and editing, you can harness the power of your message to move your customer to your desired response.  And on the Internet, you have just seconds to accomplish that goal.

 Package It,  Brand It,  Own It:  Start with Strong Web Content

Using strong principles of Web writing, I make sure your message stands out from that of your fiercest competitors.   You can go to an advertising agency or writing service and pay thousands of dollars to get the job done.  Or you can come to me and get higher quality work at a fair, affordable price.
Cash...(1)According to the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the going rates earned by Web content writers is $1.00 to $3.00 a word or $60 to $100 an hour.   I charge a fraction of those rates and deliver the same quality.  


First, I discover your unique selling proposition.  You already know it; I get you to reveal it.  Second, I define your target market.  “Everyone” is not the correct answer.  Third, I turn each of your products and services into compelling benefits.  To learn how to Say It So It Sells, view my video.

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Generic doesn’t sell; bland leads to the back button.  Call me at 613-722-0192.

Say It So It Sells:  Advertising Copy That Boosts Sales

I’m Fred DeRosa of Wordtech Communications in Ottawa, Canada.   As a freelance advertising copywriter and editor with over 30 years of experience, I can structure your message so that it adheres to strong advertising principles.

Thought you might like to know [that] of the e-mails we’ve implemented so far, we’ve sent 200 e-mails out of each type (we’re A/B testing them) and your copy has a conversion rate of 5%.  Our old e-mails sat at 3.5%.

–Will,, London, United Kingdom

Don’t pay for weak advertising; worse, don’t write weak advertising yourself.

Content Analysis and Copy Consultation:  See Where You Are

If you don’t know where to start or if you wonder whether your current advertising message is the best it can be, call me at +1-613-722-0129 in Ottawa or e-mail me for an analysis at  Start selling with strong content now.

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